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Our Partners

We are proud to partner with a curated host of resellers who share our passion for quality. Please note that each Partner carries a varying selection of our products, so we recommend contacting them directly to find out which products they currently have in stock.


Nortest resells our thermometers and offers Calibration and Certification services for retaining the precision and accuracy of your instruments.

Nortest, established in 1992, is recognized as a boutique inspection, testing and certification body with a global reach, serving its clients through its network over three continents. Nortest is dynamically structured, so as to avoid cumbersome bureaucratic procedures other global organizations face, serving its clients in the best possible way.

Nortest is a Notified Body (CE 2338) and an accredited testing and calibration laboratory as per ISO/IEC 17025 (ESYD No. 645) offering high quality services. Moreover Nortest is an accredited Inspection Body (Third Party) as per ISO/IEC 17020 (CYS-CYSAB). Since 2019 Nortest is acredited on ISO/IEC 17021.

98 Arch. Makariou III, 2224 Latsia, Cyprus

+357 22 486 452

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