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Our Partners

We are proud to partner with a curated host of resellers who share our passion for quality. Please note that each Partner carries a varying selection of our products, so we recommend contacting them directly to find out which products they currently have in stock.

Two Guys BBQ

Two Guys BBQ offers premium award-winning grills, smokers, tools, accessories and equipment, including our top of the range Thermapen®.

Founded by two outdoor cooking enthusiasts who have been friends since childhood, Haris and Stephanos first got a taste for American-style BBQ when they moved to the USA as students for their University studies.

Back in Cyprus, now as adults, business owners and family-men, they still make time to meet regularly and cook together, trying out different cooking styles, recipes and equipment with their close friends and family. After many delectable feasts (and admittedly a significant number of failures), they decided it was time to share their hobby with others by offering tips and tricks to their friends. Two Guys BBQ promises to bring to you serious, premium brands, to make the BBQ experience more accessible to everyone, that can withstand the Cyprus climate and of course, the expected wear and tear.

Maritime Building, 141 Omonoias Avenue, 3506 Limassol, Cyprus

+ 357 77 000 700

Two Guys BBQ
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